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Why People fail? Explained

by orbinside

In continuation to our what it takes to be successful? series, our focus will be to showcase habits which will restrict anyone from being successful and help anyone transform their brain for success in this article. This article also shows how brain contribute to your failures? The habits and daily routine shapes our lives through influencing our behaviours and ultimately determine our success level.

Rich Mindset People takes every faillure to learn and advance. They see possibilities in crisis and use it as opportunities for growth. They are not afraid of taking calculated risks in pursuit of their goals. On the contrary, Poor mindset people let fear capture them and dictate their risk taking ability. They tend to lack self-confidence and always find ways to avoid taking responsibility and to blame external factor for the failures.


Habits that dictate Poor Mindset

Lack of Goal Setting and Planning

Un-successful people overlook the habit of not setting goal and not planning for it and live without clear direction. Studies have shown that it is important to have goal to become successful.

Fear of Taking Risks

They harbor an excessive fear of failure or loss to inhibit risk taking ability. They tend to miss out opportunity to remain in their confort zone.

Halting Learning and Self-Education

Unsuccessful people halt their learning process after formal education, stunting their growth potential. If you like to stay relevant, competitive and ahead of times, you need to embrace your knowledge as change is the only constant in modern world.

Blaming External Factors

Unsuccessful people often blame external factor for their failure and setbacks. It hinders personal growth and inhibits the development of problem-solving skills.

Live Beyond Means

Unsuccessful people often fall into trap of instant gratification, spending more than their earnings and accumulating debt, leading to financial instability stress.

How brain contributes to failures ?

Scientific Explaination

There is scientific explaination to why people fail?.  Actually It is due to our brain’s negativity bias. Negativity Bias is a psychological principle suggesting that we are more likely to recall and be influenceed by negative experiences than positive ones. It can be seen from interacting with others to perceiving the world around us.

Why the brain is wired for negativity?

Our Ancestors needed negativity bias to survive in prehistoric times as it was matter of lif and death. Thus, Brain evolved to priortize negative experiences as they are significant implications for survival.

Scientific study showcasing negativity bias impact

Research has shown that brain react to negative stimuli more strongly, lighting up more areas in resopnse to negative images than positive images.

How negativity affects our life?

Negative bias impacts our relationships. We often dwell on criticisms and disagreements, letting them overshadow the positive aspects of our relationships. Further, It sway our decision making and risk assessment and making us overly cautious and hindering us from taking potentially beneficial risks. Chronic negativity pave way for mental health issue like anxity and depression.

Negative thinking Feedback loop

Negative thinking feedback loop is a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings that can be self prepetuating and hard to break. The process starts with a single negative thought which triggers negative feelings, further, leads to more negative thoughts, creating feedback loop. This pattern grained, resulting in negative thoughts in response to positive events.

You might be thinking that why there is place of failure in our what it takes to be successful? series. Please take it as this, Poison comes before Amrit during Samudra Mathan as per hindu mythology. Hence, we have talked about failure in this article. Next article will explain how these failure can turn into success?.

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