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Overview – What It takes to be successful? 

by orbinside

It is not a simple thing to answer the question what we aspire for?. Everyone aspires differently as per his or her surroundings, upbringing, opportunities, and life learning curve. One aspires to be a government official, another to be a private company official and the other to be a professional or an entrepreneur. But one thing is common that everyone desires to be successful. Everyone does everything or anything to be successful be it hard work, smart work or any other thing. 

To be successful, one needs: 

  • First, to have a goal. 
  • believe that the goal is achievable. 
  • Next, expect that the goal is achievable 
  • Then, experience hardship, apply persistence. 
  • Finally, achieve the goal. 


There are no shortcuts to success since the path we choose to achieve our goals; the things we experience while achieving those goals, defines our success or success story. What would be anyone’s success story without hardship or life changing experience or anything which would define our success, in it? 


The Hardship we do, life changing experiences we have gone through not only defines our success story but also us as an individual. There are no freebies in life, it is only barter system which applies to life or success journey. We get to achieve our goals in exchange for hardship we put, persistence we apply. 


So, Stay Positive Be Enthusiastic if you like to achieve anything or everything in life! 

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