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General Management Application 

by orbinside

What It takes to be successful ?

Always remember that General Management applies everywhere.


When it comes to application, it is up to you:  

  • When to use it  
  • Where to use it  
  • How to use it 


Every situation in life summaries these 3 Q’s: When? Where? & lastly How? If anybody wishes to be successfully, he/she needs to have answers to these 3 Questions. 

Anyone as an individual can neither exercise control over the first 2 questions When & Where nor their outcome as all these are momentous but he/she can exercise some control over 3 Question How using general management application. 

General Management applies through five principles or concepts: 

  1. Planning 
  2. Organizing
  3. Leading
  4. Staffing
  5. Controlling

You need not to be involved in every aspect of it but rather in where your expertise applies but you need to look at everything. Since your expertise will be applied to only one aspect of it. You need a strategy to cover other portions, that is to look at everything.

Simple strategy as it defines

when you cannot perform one task then, recruit or onboard someone who will get the job done for you
. The whole concept of General Management or Enterprise Thinking relies on this simple strategy. It is simple as we speak and tough as we implement because finding a right man for the job is a simple ask but tough to get. That is why it takes years of dedication or commitment to build something but a moment to destroy. 

For anything in life, General Management is a continuous rather than momentous process because life will bring different challenges at different levels in front of us and Success is all about overcoming those challenges posted in front of us. 


It is picking the right mixture of goals and strategies to pursue, required to achieve goals. 


It is about establishing relationships between resources to achieve goals efficiently. 


It is about supervising, articulating a vision, motivating people to achieve goals. 


It is about picking the members to constitute a team to achieve goals 


It is about Evaluating how well we are achieving our goals, improving performance, taking actions. Put processes in place to help ourselves establish standards, so you can measure, compare, and make decisions. 

To summarize and to be successful, one needs: 

  • A Goal. 
  • A Simple Strategy as it states.

when you cannot perform one task then, recruit or onboard someone who will get the job done for you

  • A Great Team. 
  • Good team members who can give their 100% effort for an articulated goal. 
  • An Excellent Manager who will lead through motivating other team members. 


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